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CoinStats and CoinLedger Partnership Details
CoinStats and CoinLedger Partnership Details

Learn how to sync your CoinStats portfolio with CoinLedger and generate your tax report

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CoinLedger and CoinStats have partnered to bring all CoinStat users a simplified tax reporting experience. As a CoinStat user you will receive an automatic 10% off all tax reports from CoinLedger.

This guide walks through the steps of syncing your CoinStats account so that all your historical crypto transaction data gets properly imported into CoinLedger.

CoinStats Video Import Guide

Step-by-Step Import Instructions

  1. Connect all your portfolios within CoinStats

    Note - make sure to update your CoinStats app so that the CoinLedger import features display properly.

  2. Within CoinStats open your portfolio and click the Report Taxes button.

  3. Select all the portfolios that you want to include in your tax report.

    CoinLedger needs your crypto transaction history from all years and all platforms used to buy, sell, trade, or acquire crypto income.

    Authorize giving CoinLedger read-only access to your selected portfolios and click Go to CoinLedger.

  4. Create a CoinLedger account

  5. Within the CoinLedger app select your Country and Currency

  6. Add any additional accounts while your CoinStats info is importing

    If you used any other crypto wallets, exchanges or platforms that are not synced to CoinStats, you can enter additional imports here.

  7. Verify Email

    From here you will be prompted to verify your email address.

    You will receive a verification link in your email inbox. Click Verify Now to authenticate your account.

  8. Generate your tax report within CoinLedger and receive 10% off your report

    The 10% discount will be automatically applied as you purchase your tax report(s).

    If you have any questions about your CoinLedger account feel free to send a message to our Support team!

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