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How to update your CoinLedger account settings
How to update your CoinLedger account settings

Learn how to change your account email, verify an existing email address, and reset your password

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This guide explains how to update your CoinLedger account settings. It outlines how to:

How can I change my account email?

Change your account email by following the process below.

NOTE: Once you submit your change email request from your Account Settings in the CoinLedger app, we will automatically send an approval link to your OLD email to approve the change. You MUST confirm the change with your original email before your account can be updated to the new email address.

  1. Click on your account profile and then select Settings

2. Next, click Change Email

3. Enter a new email address and then select Save

4. Next, go to to the inbox of your ORIGINAL account email. You will see a message sent by CoinLedger. Click Verify Now to confirm your account email change.

After verifying the change, you should see a confirmation message like the one below.

5. Login with your new email address. Once you have verified the change email request, you will need to finalize the email change by logging in with the new email address. After logging in you will see your account details updated.

NOTE: Keep in mind that in order to change your account email, the email on your account must first be verified. If you followed the steps above and saw a "You don't have access to perform this action" message, this means that you likely have not verified your email. Learn how to verify your email using the steps below.

How to Verify Your CoinLedger Account Email

  1. From the top toolbar select Verify Email

2. Then click Complete Email Verification

3. From your email inbox select Verify Now

4. When your email is successfully verified you will see the yellow Verify Email alert is gone from the top toolbar. Now that your account email is verified proceed with setting up advanced security settings such as SSO on your account.

How can I reset my password?

  1. Navigate the Login page on the CoinLedger and click Forgot Password

2. Type in your email address and select Get Reset Link

3. Next, head to your email inbox. You should receive an email shortly which allows you to reset your password.

I Haven’t Received My Password Reset Email

If you have not received your Password Reset email after a few moments, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1. First, check that the email for your CoinLedger account is correctly entered.

2. Next, make sure that the password reset email wasn't sent to your spam or junk folder by mistake.

3. Finally, add the email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] to your contacts.

If you have additional questions about updating your account settings please reach out to our customer support team! We would be glad to troubleshoot these steps with you at any time.

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