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Pricing: Your Questions Answered
Pricing: Your Questions Answered

Learn more about different pricing plans for your crypto tax reports

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Here at CoinLedger the pricing model for tax reports is based on the number of billable transactions per year. Here's an overview of the pricing packages we offer:

A pricing plan is automatically assigned to your account based on the number of transactions you've imported, but you can choose to purchase a higher pricing tier at any time.

How can I buy a tax report?

Select Upgrade to Unlock anywhere on the Tax Reports page to purchase a tax report. You can select the transaction tier automatically assigned to your account, which is the default shown on your checkout page, or purchase a higher tier to give yourself maximum flexibility in case you decide to import more data later on!

In the example above, the default on my account is the Hobbyist plan for $49.99, but if I wanted to purchase one of the Pro or Unlimited plans I would simply select the tier of my choice and then proceed to checkout.

What is included under the Unlimited plan?

We take a staggered approach to our pricing plans. Each plan supports up to a certain threshold of transactions. All accounts with 10,000 transactions or more fall into the Unlimited tier priced at $499. Here's a breakdown of our pricing plans and the transaction count threshold for each:

If you import more transactions into your account and exceed the threshold of the pricing plan you've previously purchased, you'll simply be prompted to upgrade to the next tier by paying the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already paid for my report, can I update it?

Of course! Once you purchase a report, it’s yours - which means you can continue to edit, download, and even add transactions to it as many times as you’d like. You’ll only pay a second time if you exceed the original transaction count of the pricing plan that you purchased. In this case, you'll be prompted to pay the difference for the next pricing tier.

How do I know what pricing plan I purchased and how many transactions I have left?

To see how many transactions you're currently using for a given year and how many are left on your pricing tier, head to the Tax Reports page and check out the Usage and Plan indicator on the right side of your screen.

There you'll see what tier you've purchased and the number of transactions left for your pricing plan.

I upgraded to a higher tier than the number of transactions on my account-am I able to downgrade my account back to a lower pricing plan?

No, CoinLedger cannot downgrade your account to a lower pricing tier after purchase has been completed. Purchasing a higher tier gives you maximum flexibility in case you decide to import more data later on. You can continue to edit, download, and even add transactions to your account as many times as you'd like after you purchase a report.

Do you offer discounts?

Right now our only active discount is for 15% off of tax reports for 2018 and previous years' reports. There's a possibility we will be running some promotions through our newsletter, so make sure to sign up for those updates.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 2 week money-back guarantee for any customer that is prevented from getting an accurate report due to a verified limitation in our software. You are eligible for a refund provided that all three of the conditions in our refund policy are met. You can read about our policy in detail here.

What’s your pricing model?

Our pricing model is based on the number of billable transactions you make each tax season. This allows us to offer a pricing plan for everyone, from casual crypto investors to high volume traders.

What’s considered a billable transaction?

In regards to the pricing packages, a billable transaction is considered any of the following:

Taxable capital gains transactions

  • Fiat Buys

  • Fiat Sells

  • Trades (crypto-to-crypto)

Taxable income transactions

  • Mining income

  • Staking income

  • Interest income

  • Airdrops

  • Other crypto rewards

Taxable outgoing transactions

  • Payment

  • Outgoing Gift

Transaction types which are NOT factored into the billable transaction count do NOT factor into your pricing plan

  • Deposits - non-taxable self-transfers

  • Withdrawals - non-taxable self-transfers

  • Uncategorized - excluded from report calculations until manually classified

  • Fees - included in your report calculations, but do not count towards your billable transactions

What about staking, daily interest, and other micro-transactions?

CoinLedger bases it's pricing plans on transaction count, meaning each pricing plan supports up to a certain number of billable transactions. For those that have a high number of daily interest and staking transactions in their wallets, we automatically deduct up to $25 worth of billable transactions from your transaction count.

In other words, our billing system will automatically deduct up to $25 WORTH of micro-transactions from your billable transaction count, thus reducing the number of overall transactions that count towards your pricing plan. This applies to each tier in our billing system.

Micro-transactions are defined as staking transactions, interest payments, and small payouts to your wallets. You can see if you're receiving a deduction for micro-transactions on your account's Usage and Plan Indicator (found on the Tax Reports page).

Does my pricing plan cover multiple years?

No. Tax reports are separate purchases for each year.

We’re a married couple, should we have one account, or two?

In most cases it is best for spouses to create separate tax accounts on our platform.

I’m a tax professional, do I have to pay to use CoinLedger?

It is actually completely free for tax professionals to use our platform. Tax reports are purchased by the client. After a client imports their transaction history and purchases a report, the client invites the Tax Professional to review their data and download the report.

These are some of the most common pricing questions we hear from our customers. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Customer Support team at any time.

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