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MetaMask and CoinLedger Partnership Details
MetaMask and CoinLedger Partnership Details

MetaMask Portfolio users who sign up for a new CoinLedger account can sync their transaction history and receive 10% off

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MetaMask Portfolio allows users to track their wallet holdings within a single dashboard. Users of MetaMask Portfolio now have the ability to sync their transaction history with CoinLedger's tax reporting software in just one click, and will automatically receive 10% off when they connect their MetaMask account to CoinLedger and create a new account. Read on below to learn how you can take advantage of this partnership!

NOTE: Only new users signing up for a CoinLedger account for the first time can sync their MetaMask portfolio and receive 10% off. If you already have an account with us, please follow these steps to import your MetaMask wallets!

Step 1

From your MetaMask Portfolio account, head to the Explore page on the left side of your screen.

Step 2

Next, select CoinLedger from the list of partnered tax providers at the top of the page. MetaMask will ask you to confirm if you'd like to share your transaction history with CoinLedger. Press Continue.

Step 3

Complete the custom MetaMask onboarding steps on your screen. You'll be asked to sign up for an account and select your country and currency.

Step 4

Next, your MetaMask wallet addresses will automatically sync with CoinLedger. Our platform integrates with each of the blockchains supported by MetaMask Portfolio, so rest assured that all of your data will be imported.

You'll be asked to import data from any other exchanges, wallets or blockchains you've used to buy, sell and trade crypto over the years. Once you've completed all these steps, head over to your email inbox to verify your address.

Now you're ready to import your data and build your tax reports!

Step 5

Once you've imported all of your crypto transaction history your tax reports will be auto-generated into your CoinLedger account. To access your tax reports, you'll have to purchase them first. To do so, head to the Tax Reports page and select the Tax Year you want to purchase a report for. Select Upgrade to Unlock anywhere on your screen.

As a MetaMask Portfolio user, you'll automatically receive 10% off at checkout.



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