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How do I import my crypto trades and transactions into TaxSlayer?
How do I import my crypto trades and transactions into TaxSlayer?

Learn how to easily import your crypto trades into TaxSlayer using CoinLedger's CSV files

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CoinLedger offers a quick, seamless integration with TaxSlayer. Follow the steps below to import your trades using just one CSV file!

Step 1

First, download your TaxSlayer CSV File from CoinLedger's Tax Reports page.

Step 2

Next, navigate to Tax Slayer. On the left hand side of your screen, select Federal, and then Income.

Once you've reached the screen above, then select I want to be guided.

Note that you can also upload your transactions from CoinLedger if you click Select my forms. If you selected this, skip ahead to Step 3.

TaxSlayer will ask you a series of questions. Under Stocks, Bonds, & Other Personal Property, answer Yes.

Step 3

Next, you'll be taken to the Investments page.

Click Upload Stock Transaction CSV, and then press Continue.

Step 4

Finally, import your TaxSlayer file from CoinLedger by either dragging and dropping it into the box or by clicking the green arrow and selecting it from your computer. Then, press Upload.

Step 5

All of your crypto trades and transactions should now be imported! On the final screen, you can review your transactions, and continue filing your taxes with TaxSlayer.

Feel free to reach out to our Support Team anytime if you have any further questions on this process!

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