Once you have imported your complete crypto transaction history (all years and all platforms) you're ready to download your tax reports! We'll explore how to do that below.

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Where can I download my IRS Form 8949?

Step 1

At the top of your screen, navigate to 4. Tax Reports stage and review Tax Report Downloads section. This is where you can find every report you'll need this tax season.

Step 2

To download your Form 8949, select IRS Forms.

Step 3

Select Generate, and a link will be sent to the email address associated with your CoinLedger account.

Note: Before selecting which report to download, make sure that you are still logged in to your CoinLedger account.

Note: If you don't receive this email within the next few minutes, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Step 4

Next, head to your email inbox. You will see an email from us that looks like this:

Consolidated Reports vs Full Reports

When you generate your tax report, you will receive an email that links download options for Form 8949 - the Consolidated Report or Full Report.

Both options are available when filing and in most cases, the Full Report is the best option. The Full Report lists each transaction in a separate row. The Consolidated Report summarizes the totals for short-term and long-term transactions on two lines. If your filing method requires a consolidated report, you will also need to include the Attached Statement. Learn more about the process of filing a consolidated report here.

Full Report Download

If you select Full Report, you will see a PDF file of your IRS Form 8949 which lists each long-term and short-term trade in detail.

Consolidated Report Download

If you select Consolidated Report, you'll see a zip file titled IRS Forms:

This zip file contains attached statements that list your Long Term and Short Term Capital Gains in detail, as well as your IRS 8449 and your IRS 8453. Learn more about the 8453 here.

Where can I download my TurboTax Online and TurboTax Desktop CSV Files?

Download your TurboTax Online or TurboTax Desktop-compatible CSV files from the Report page by following the steps above.

Where can I download my TaxSlayer CSV Report?

Where can I download my TaxAct CSV file?

Where can I download my H&R Block Tax Report?

The Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains CSV

Step 1

To download your Short and Long Term Capital Gains reports, head back to the Tax Report Downloads section. Next, select the third option, CSV Reports.

Step 2

Select Capital Gains, and hit Generate.

Step 3

When the report is ready, check the Downloads folder on your computer. You'll see a zip file titled Capital Gains.

Inside the Capital Gains zip file, you'll find two files, a Short Term Capital Gains CSV and a Long Term Capital Gains CSV.

How do I download my Income Report?

The Income Report details each crypto income distribution from interest, staking, mining, airdrops, forks, payments, and other forms of crypto income. Reporting crypto income is not as simple as reporting capital gains on the Form 8949. There are different forms where you need to enter your crypto income, depending on the income type you received. This article outlines different options for each income type.

Step 1

To download your Income Report, head back to the Tax Report Downloads section. Next, select the third option, CSV Reports.

Step 2

From this next menu, scroll down to the Income tab and select Generate.

Step 3

An income file will now download to your computer detailing every crypto income transaction you've engaged in this year.

How can I download my End of Year Positions Report?

How can I download my entire transaction history?

Step 1

To download your entire transaction history, including all trades you've made from every exchange on your account, first head to Settings.

Step 2

Next, find the menu on the left side of your screen and select Data Tools.

Step 3

Under the Data Administration tab, click the first option on your screen, Export Transactions History. Now, a CSV of your entire transaction history will download to your computer or mobile device.

If you have any further questions about downloading your reports, please be sure to contact our Customer Support Team at any time!

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