The recommended approach for importing your complete transaction history is to use API or download a file directly from all exchanges and platforms where you transacted. However, in some cases it is necessary to add additional transactions manually, either by creating a CSV file or entering the transactions in-app.

If you have many transactions that need to be imported manually the manual CSV template is the best option.

If you have just a few transactions you can enter them directly in-app following the steps explained in this guide.

Creating a new manual import wallet

1. In Step 1 create a new Other Account tab and label the import source

Select Add Account + to pull up a new Other Account tab. This will create a new manual import source. Editing the name of this new import source will make it easier to review the transaction later on.

2. Select Add Manual Transaction and then choose the transaction type

From here you can enter the Timestamp, Classification and Asset(s) for the transaction.

Note - After saving one transaction, you can continue to add more manual transactions to the same import source.

The following videos show examples for importing each transaction type.

Adding a Trade

Trades include all fiat buys, fiat sells and crypto-to-crypto trades.

Adding a Deposit

Deposit transactions include airdrops, interest, staking, mining, hard forks, incoming gifts and any other crypto income earned.

Adding a Withdrawal

Withdrawal transactions include outgoing gifts, interest payments, theft loss, casualty loss, and investment loss.

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