Why is My Import to TurboTax Failing?

When a file fails to import into TurboTax, it’s often due to one of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t select “CoinLedger” as your crypto tax software provider, and instead selected “Other” or another crypto tax software provider

  • You uploaded the wrong TurboTax file (i.e., you downloaded the TurboTax Online file when you actually have TurboTax Desktop, etc.)

  • You edited the file or changed it’s formatting accidentally by opening it in Excel before importing

  • You didn’t answer the cryptocurrency/investment questions that TurboTax asks in the beginning of your tax filing process. Missing these questions or answering incorrectly throws off the whole process.

  • You imported your file into the wrong place in TurboTax (i.e. wrong section of the app)

  • You were tripped up by the “Review Stage” feature - but remember that this can be ignored just by scrolling down and pressing “Continue”

Any one of these common mistakes can lead to a failed TurboTax import. If your import is still failing after reviewing these troubleshooting steps, please carefully review our TurboTax guides, and feel free to write into our Customer Support Team if you still require assistance!

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