CoinLedger exports a CSV file that is specifically formatted for TurboTax Online. Follow this guide to import your crypto trades into TurboTax Online.

NOTE: First, be sure to download your TurboTax Online-compatible CSV file from our Reports Page.

TurboTax Video Tutorial

TurboTax Video Walkthrough (2 minutes)

Step 1

Navigate to TurboTax Online and select the Premier or Self-Employment package

Both of these packages support the tax reporting of cryptocurrencies.

Step 2

Answer the initial prompts and questions.

Upon first sign-in, TurboTax Online will ask you to complete some initial prompts and fill out your basic information. You are not able to jump forward within the app until this basic info is complete.

Step 3

Select for cryptocurrency wherever prompted.

On the first prompt select I sold stock, crypto or other investments.

On the prompt titled "How about any of these financial changes in 2022?" select I sold or traded cryptocurrency

Step 4

Navigate to the Cryptocurrency section

To move forward into the cryptocurrency section within the app, navigate to Federal > Wages & Income > Investments and Savings

Step 5

Select Yes to continue with your crypto imports

Step 6

Select for Cryptocurrency again

Step 7

Now TurboTax will ask some more questions about your trading activity. Select Yes if you used more than one crypto exchange/platform.

For the next question about NFTs select No. We will be launching support for NFTs very soon, but for now you can select No to move forward with importing your capital gains/losses from trading.

Select Yes that you did use a crypto tax service.

Step 8

Move past the next step by selecting Enter a different way

Step 9

Select Upload it from my computer

Step 10

IMPORTANT: Select Other (Gain/Loss) as your platform.

NOTE: If you do not select Other (Gain/Loss), the import process for TurboTax will fail. You MUST select Other (Gain/Loss) and NOT "Other (Transactions CSV)" from the drop-down menu, as shown below.

Step 11

Upload your TurboTax Online file

Step 12

Review your imported crypto data and all looks correct, click Continue

Getting Past the Review Section

Important Note: Do not be alarmed if TurboTax asks you to review each imported crypto transaction individually. You can skip this individual review process by following these steps.

Here is the review screen you might see which TurboTax refers to as the completecheckā„¢ to-do list.

Each individual crypto transaction has the option to review, but you can skip this.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page (sometimes hundreds of transactions) and click Continue.

Click Continue again to get past this warning.

Amending for Previous Years

Important Note #2: TurboTax Online has disabled the ability to upload CSV files when amending a return for previous years. If you need to amend, please follow the TurboTax Desktop Guide.

We've also detailed the step-by-step process for uploading your report into TurboTax Online in our blog post here.

You can also checkout the video below!

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