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Voyager and CoinLedger Partnership Details
Voyager and CoinLedger Partnership Details

Learn how the Voyager <> CoinLedger partnership works for your tax reporting.

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On Dec. 7, 2021, Voyager and CoinLedger announced their partnership to provide streamlined tax reporting for Voyager users. All Voyager users will get an automatic 10% discount off of their 2022 tax report.

If you were a CoinLedger user with Voyager imports before December 19, 2022 you can access and download a free tax report from CoinLedger for the 2021 tax year—other years will require payment. If you have not imported your Voyager data into CoinLedger prior to December 19, 2022 you will be prompted to purchase for each tax year that you are filing.

As a note, you can use CoinLedger software to get a free file export of all your Voyager data before you decide to purchase a tax report. Further instructions explained here.

Please note certain transaction types and terminology may differ across Voyager and CoinLedger systems.

How does it work?

All Voyager users will receive email communication from Voyager with a link to sign up and register for a CoinLedger account. If you didn’t receive a link, you can simply go to the CoinLedger website and sign up for an account on your own.

When registering for your CoinLedger account, you need to sign up using the same email address that you use for your Voyager account. If you do not use the same email address, you will not be able to import your transaction history from Voyager.

After sign up, you’ll be welcomed into the CoinLedger app and be ushered through the onboarding steps.

Link your Voyager account

After verifying your email address, you will be able to link your Voyager account to CoinLedger and import your complete Voyager transaction history.

If you came to CoinLedger directly from the Voyager email that was sent out, you will be asked to link your account in the onboarding steps. If you signed up for CoinLedger on your own, you can access the Voyager <> CoinLedger account link (as pictured above) by adding Voyager as a Source in Step 1: Import.

Complete the fields on the account linking page to enable CoinLedger to automatically retrieve and import your Voyager transactions history—no manual work required.

Your Voyager transaction history will be imported based on the taxability of each transaction. See Table 1A below to see exactly how your Voyager transactions get imported.

Important: If your CoinLedger email address, last four digits of your phone number, and Zip code do not match what’s on file with your Voyager account, you will need to contact Voyager customer support in order to import your transaction history. Additionally, if your email, phone number, or zip code has changed after January 31st, please contact Voyager support to update your account info.

Import from your other sources

Once your Voyager transactions are successfully imported into CoinLedger, the last step is to import all of your other crypto transaction history from all other platforms you use.

Important: To create accurate and complete tax reports, you need to import all of your crypto transaction history from all years and from all platforms you have used. Not doing so will lead to missing cost basis errors and inaccurate tax reports.

Generate and download your tax reports

Once all of your crypto transaction history from all platforms has been imported to CoinLedger, you are ready to generate and download your tax reports.

Navigate directly to the Tax Reports tab to generate your gains, losses, and income tax reports.

What next?

Once you have your tax reports you can send them off to your tax professional, import them into your preferred tax filing software, or file them yourself.

How can I export my Voyager data?

You can export all of your Voyager transactions imported into CoinLedger for free by navigating to your account Settings. From there, select Data Tools and then Export Transactions History. This will generate a CSV that contains all your imported transactions. You can further sort the CSV file by platform to filter for just your Voyager transactions.

Learn more about the all the file exports available from CoinLedger here.

Table 1A

Voyager Transaction Type

CoinLedger Import Type


Deposit / Withdrawal


Deposit / Withdrawal


Deposit / Withdrawal















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