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Last updated: 2/15/21

CoinLedger has been working on an integration for Hotbit exchange, but there is a corruption in the file that Hotbit exports which is preventing us from releasing the integration.

Our development team has been able to identify the actual cause of corruption in their trade history file and though we have reached out to them several times, our bug reports have been ignored.

What you can do:

1. Submit a support request with the following info to HotBit here:

2. Click to tweet this message at Hotbit:



I am currently trying to complete my taxes but the transaction history file that HotBit generates is corrupt and is preventing me from completing my taxes. Can you fix the MIME type on the transaction history file you automatically generate?

Currently the file is being generated with a MIME type of text/html when it should be application/ This issue prevents me from importing my trades into tax software and completing my taxes.

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Import Hotbit transactions into the manual template

You can enter your Hotbit transactions into the manual import template following this guide.

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