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Why does my net gain/loss look wrong?
Why does my net gain/loss look wrong?

Common errors that result in inaccurate gain or loss numbers

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Scenario: Your net gain/loss number does not look accurate.

99% of the time, this is a result of incomplete or inaccurate user data.

Remember, the software is crunching-numbers based on the data that you provided. If you provide incomplete data, it will spit out "inaccurate" numbers. We need ALL of your crypto data to create an accurate tax profile.

Here are the most common issues we come across when trouble shooting net gains that seem too high:

  1. You did not include all of your trading history from ALL YEARS of trading.

  2. You have Missing Cost Basis Warnings in your report.

  3. You did not include the data from every exchange that you used.  If you used an exchange that we don't natively support, you should upload those trades using our Universal Manual Import template.

  4. You are still holding your crypto and never "realized" any of your losses.

Using the Missing Basis Reconciliation tab on your report can also help you identify how much your Missing Cost Basis Warnings are effecting your net gains.

It's also helpful to review the calculation method applied on your account. The default method is FIFO (First-In, First-Out) but in some cases you may see that capital gains decrease after trying out a different calculation method. To learn more read our guide about choosing the best calculation method.

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