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Can you help me print out my tax forms?
Can you help me print out my tax forms?
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Sometimes the IRS requires you to mail in an expanded statement along with your regular IRS Form 8949 when completing your crypto taxes; or, maybe you're someone who just prefers mailing in your 8949 each year rather than e-filing! If either of those are you, read on below to learn how to print out your tax forms from CoinLedger.

Once you've Upgraded to Unlock and purchased your tax reports for the year, navigate to the Tax Reports page and navigate to Tax Report Downloads. Then, click Generate and Download to access the form of your choice.

Once you've downloaded your form, open up that downloaded document and then click File>Save As/Export as PDF from your device and then download your form as a finalized, printable PDF document. This will allow you to print the document if you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my form printing blank?

Not to worry! This is normal and happens with PDFs sometimes. You need to go through a process called "flattening," where you make the PDF a "final" document. This is because when we send the PDF to you it comes as an "editable" version, so that you can add your personal information such as your SSN/Taxpayer Identification Number, name, etc.

To "flatten" the PDF and make it a printable document, please follow the steps below:

  • From the file itself, click Print (either by right clicking the document and hitting Print, or clicking File > Print from your device)

  • Save as a PDF to your device

  • Print the finalized PDF report from your device

I opened my Tax Report PDF on my computer and it appears to be blank. How can I fix this?

We have heard from some customers that there is a setting in PDF editors like Adobe and Foxit that is causing those programs to make certain rows and columns in our PDFs appear blank. This is not unique to CoinLedger's PDFs and has been reported by their users in the past. To fix this issue, we would recommend downloading and opening the PDFs in a browser instead of locally on your device. For example, you can do this by downloading your Tax Report and clicking "Open with/in" one of your browsers, like Chrome, instead of trying to view it in an external program like Adobe. Everything should show up properly once this is done.

Why do I have to enter my name, address, Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number, etc. on my Form 8949?

We leave any fields asking for personal information on our Tax Report Downloads (such as SSN and name) blank on purpose to protect the privacy of our users. This is done so that our users can fill in their sensitive information themselves without having to provide it to us. We are a privacy-first company which aims to protect our users, and we don't collect personal information for this reason. Since our Report PDFs are editable upon downloading them, you can simply add in your personal information yourself (and copy/paste if there are multiple pages) before printing out the document.

I'm printing out my CSV Reports (Short/Long Term Capital Gains, etc.) and the information is getting cut off/not printing properly. What should I do?

To print out any CSV Report, it's first recommended that you open it in a program like Excel or Google Sheets and expand the size of each column to fit the data within it. This way, the data won't get cut off when you print it out. You can do this with your cursor or by selecting Resize Column > Fit to Data in the program you're using.

Finally, if you want to fit all of the columns in your CSV to one page when printing, select "Fit to page" on the print menu. This works both on vertical and horizontal page orientations.

There's a lock covering up my Tax Reports. Why can't I view or print them out?

This is because you still need to purchase your Tax Reports. To purchase and then download and print your reports, click Upgrade to Unlock anywhere on your screen and then follow the on-screen prompts.

I'm printing out my Form 8949 PDF from my phone but it's printing blank and doesn't look right!!

We recommend printing out your Tax Report PDFs and CSVs from a computer or non-mobile device. This is because the "flattening" process described above to make your PDFs printable isn't always possible from a mobile device.

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