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How can I migrate to CoinLedger from a competitor?
How can I migrate to CoinLedger from a competitor?

Learn how to migrate to CoinLedger from Taxbit, Koinly, CoinTracker and more

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If you're interested in migrating to CoinLedger from another crypto tax software, we welcome you to our platform - and we have good news! CoinLedger is offering free tax reports to all verified Koinly, TaxBit, ZenLedger and CoinTracker users for the tax years 2022 and prior.

Current users of TaxBit, CoinTracker, ZenLedger and Koinly can easily migrate all of their data to CoinLedger, generate their prior year’s tax reports for free, and pick up where they left off for 2023 and beyond.

How do I get started?

If you're a current user of CoinTracker, TaxBit, ZenLedger and/or Koinly who is looking to switch over to CoinLedger, you can claim free tax reports from CoinLedger by doing the following:

  1. Import your historical transactions by connecting your exchanges and wallets to CoinLedger

  2. Reach out to the CoinLedger support team through the chat widget within your account and verify that you are a user of one of these platforms by providing ALL of the prior year’s receipts or email invoices that you received from these companies as your proof of purchase.

    1. Let us know which years you would like to transfer your purchase history for, as this will expedite the process. (For example: I would like to transfer my purchase history for 2020-2022 from TaxBit)

  3. After verification by our team, CoinLedger will unlock all of your prior year’s tax reports for free!

That's it! Once your purchase history has been verified, all of your previously purchased tax year reports will be honored here at CoinLedger. You can import the rest of your data for each wallet, exchange and app you've used to trade crypto, and generate your tax reports for all future years on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tax years can be credited to my account?

We will honor all verified purchases from the tax year 2022 and prior. Tax reports for the years 2023 and later are not eligible and must be purchased on the Tax Reports page.

How do I get my free tax report?

Send our team a message with the years you are requesting to have credited to your account as well as your PoP (Proof of Purchase). We will review your request and credit those purchases to your account once they're verified.

Which of your competitors can I switch over to CoinLedger from?

Currently, all TaxBit, CoinTracker, ZenLedger and Koinly customers are eligible to receive free tax reports for the years 2022 and prior when they switch to CoinLedger.

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