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How can I import my wallet transactions?
How can I import my wallet transactions?

Learn how to import your self-custody wallets into CoinLedger

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You may use a self-custodied wallet to buy, sell, trade, or safely store your crypto. Whether it's a mobile app like Trust Wallet or a hardware wallet such as Ledger, you can import your transactions into CoinLedger in just a few clicks. Here's how:

Step 1
From within your self custody wallet, find your public Receive wallet address.

Step 2
In the CoinLedger app, head to the Import stage and click Add Account.

Search for the name of your wallet. If it comes up, select that button and follow the on-screen prompts, including selecting the correct blockchain and pasting your receive wallet address.

If your wallet doesn't come up, though, don't worry-we can still import your transactions! Learn how by advancing to Step 3.

Step 3
Look up each blockchain that you use in your self-custodied wallet. You'll have to import your transactions for each blockchain separately. For example, if you use Bitcoin, ETH and SOL on your MetaMask wallet, you'll have to add BTC, ETH and SOL accounts in CoinLedger and paste each respective wallet address for these blockchains into our app. Do this for each blockchain you've used in your wallet.

For a list of the blockchains and dapps that CoinLedger supports, check out this guide. You can also see each blockchain our app supports by clicking the Blockchain filter after selecting Add Account as shown above.

Step 4
At the top right of your screen, press Connect. Then, paste your wallet address into the box and press Connect Wallet.

Note that you should import your Receive address for each blockchain you've used. Repeat this process for every blockchain you've used in your self-custody wallet.

Have any questions? Check out the rest of our Help Center guides or reach out to our Support Team anytime!

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