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How to add notes and descriptions to specific transactions
How to add notes and descriptions to specific transactions

Make reviewing and troubleshooting your data even simpler by adding a note or description to your transactions

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Adding a note or description to transactions on your account makes the process of reviewing and troubleshooting your imported data seamless. Learn how with the steps below!

Step 1

First, head to the Transactions page of the CoinLedger app and click on the transaction you'd like to leave a note or description for. Select the ellipses icon next to your transaction, and from that drop-down menu press Add note.

Step 2

Next, leave either a description or a note in the appropriate fields as shown below. Descriptions will show up as transaction descriptions in your Income Report, while Notes will remain in the CoinLedger interface to be referenced at your convenience.

These notes are useful if you want to flag a particular transaction for later review by yourself or your tax professional.

Step 3

To come back to these notes or resolve/delete them at a later time, head to the filters menu on the right side of your screen and filter for transactions With Notes. Now, all of your transactions with custom notes will appear.

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