Yoroi - Wallet Import Guide

Learn how to import your public staking wallet address into CoinLedger

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You can import your Cardano staking income distributions from Yoroi wallet into CoinLedger by locating your public staking wallet address.

  1. Add a Yoroi Wallet Account

    From the Import stage of the CoinLedger app, select Add Account and then search for Yoroi.

    Note: You can also import any Cardano address under the Cardano blockchain import tab.

  2. Navigate to the Yoroi desktop wallet

    Yoroi staking addresses are not available on the mobile app, so you will need to access the staking address from the Yoroi desktop wallet.

  3. Select the 'Receive' tab and click 'Reward'

    This will display a public wallet address that begins with 'stake.' For example: stake1u8r30m2nq6z5c7676hdkv7ff7geey09dmthjf4jetql7thcx83m5l

  4. Paste your public staking address

    Once you have your staking address, select to sync your Yoroi wallet and under the drop-down menu select Cardano as your blockchain. Paste in your staking address and hit Sync Transactions.

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