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How to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for your CoinLedger account
How to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) for your CoinLedger account

Learn how to set up SSO and 2FA by signing in with your Coinbase or Google accounts

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CoinLedger offers Single Sign-On (SSO) through Google and Coinbase. This means that you can set up your CoinLedger account with the same sign-in credentials that you would enter when signing into your Google or Coinbase account. Setting up SSO can also extend the same 2FA protections to your CoinLedger account that you have set up through Google / Coinbase.

SSO is a good option if your account meets these conditions:

  • You want to quickly create a CoinLedger account without having to generate a new password

  • You want to apply Two-factor Authentication (2FA) to your CoinLedger account

  • You have verified access to an active Coinbase or Google account

  • Your Coinbase or Google account has not been previously flagged for any security issues

On CoinLedger, the SSO feature is implemented using the OAuth protocol which is a standard across a broad range of tech. It is secure, and gives CoinLedger read-only access to your Coinbase or Google account for the purpose of applying the sign-in credentials and advanced security settings that these platforms offer to your CoinLedger account.

This guide includes instructions for

How to set up SSO on a new CoinLedger account

1. Navigate to the sign-up page to create a new CoinLedger account and then select Sign up with Google or Sign up with Coinbase.

2. Select the Google or Coinbase account that you want to use for your CoinLedger account

  • Google SSO

How to enable SSO on an existing CoinLedger account

Users can connect a Google / Coinbase account from the account Settings page.
Conditions for setting up SSO on an existing CoinLedger account:

  • CoinLedger email must be Verified

  • Google/Coinbase email must be verified

  • The Google/Coinbase account email you use for SSO does not have to match your CoinLedger account email, but the Google/Coinbase account must not already be connected to a different CoinLedger user

  1. From the account profile menu navigate to your account Settings

2. Select My Account and from here you can choose to enable SSO through Google or Coinbase.

  • Google SSO

Choose the Google email that matches with your CoinLedger account

3. After SSO is successfully enabled you will see the green Connected indicator.

At this point, you can proceed with enabling Require Single Sign-On authentication. This will allow you to sign in to CoinLedger exclusively through SSO and disable your current password (if you have one).

Verification settings to toggle Require SSO on / off

  • To toggle Require SSO on

    • You must have your Coinbase or Google account connected through SSO

    • You must confirm your password in order to complete the process

  • After Require SSO is toggled on - you cannot use a password to sign in or reset your password

  • To toggle Require SSO off

    • If you already had a previous password set, you will need to confirm that password

    • If you never set a password when creating a CoinLedger account then you will need to create a new password

If you have any questions about setting up SSO for your CoinLedger account send a message to our Customer Support Team :)

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