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Pionex - File Import Guide

How to import your Pionex transactions into CoinLedger

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Import Walkthrough

Step 1:

Login to your Pionex account and navigate to your Wallet Overview page.

Step 2:

Select Transaction History and the time period that you have transactions. Please note that you can select up to 15 months maximum per upload.

Step 3:

You'll receive a ZIP file containing multiple files.

Step 4:

Upload the file 'for-cointracker' into CoinLedger.

Pionex Import Limitations

Currently, exporting your transaction history before Jan 1, 2022 on the Pionex web-app will exclude some important transaction types. To import data prior to 2022, we suggest you use the Pionex mobile app instead.

To export your transactions from the Pionex app, navigate to AccountSettingsCustomer supportExport transaction history. After selecting your date range, click the Submit button.

The download link Pionex provides for your transaction history will be generated 24 hours after you generate the file. You can download the file either through Pionex's mobile app or web-app. The link is only valid for 7 days after generating, and you can only export a transaction history 3 times per month.

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