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How to import your transaction history from Luno into CoinLedger

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Note 1: Since you need to export transactions for each wallet, every transaction will appear in two files, therefor some transactions will be duplicated when you upload your files on our software. Please, remove duplicated transactions.

Note 2: Although fees are not separated, they are included in the amounts so tax calculation will be correct.

Step 1:

Step 2:

In the top right corner, click on the Wallets page.

Step 3:

Click on the wallet that you used for trading.

Step 4:

Scroll down and click on the Download Statement option.

Step 5:

Leave the default values - this way it will export your complete transaction history. Click the Create Statement button.

Step 6:

Scroll down on the previous page and you will see the Wallet Statements section. Select the statement you just created and click the Download option.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 3-6 for each wallet you used for trading.

Step 8:

Luno will give you a zip file by default. Unzip that file so you have the .csv that is inside.

Step 9:

Open our software and navigate to Step 1. Import. Select Add Account then choose the Luno tab. Click on Upload File and drag your CSV file into the box to import your transactions.

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