Important Note: For best import experience, import this file directly into CoinLedger without opening or editing the file on mobile or desktop. Opening the file prior to import may result in formatting issues that cause import failure.

Note: Strike offers file exports for one month at a time. To get an accurate and complete transaction history imported into CoinLedger, make sure to import files from every month you have made transactions on Strike.

Step-by-Step Import Instructions

Step 1:
Login to your Strike account and click on the Account icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2:

Click on the Settings Icon on the top right of the Account page.

Step 3:
Click on Documents.

Step 4:
Select Account Statements.

Step 5:
Select the month you wish to import your transactions from and choose .csv when prompted to select statement format.

Step 6:
After choosing what to do with the file (saving it, sending it to yourself, etc.), you will receive a file in .csv format. Navigate to Step 1. Import. Select Add Account then choose the Strike tab on CoinLedger. Click on Upload File and drag your CSV file into the box to import your transactions.

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