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Binance Smart Chain - Blockchain Import Guide
Binance Smart Chain - Blockchain Import Guide

Import your BSC transactions into CoinLedger

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You can import your Binance Smart Chain transactions into CoinLedger by entering your public wallet address into the Import page.

Video Import Guide

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Add an Binance Smart Chain account

Select BSC as an account you used from within the Import page of CoinLedger.

2. Find the public address for your wallet

No matter what type of wallet you are using (MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Ledger, etc.), you can locate your public BSC address from within your wallet provider.

Pictured below is the public BSC address for a MetaMask wallet. Copy this address to your clipboard.

3. Paste in your public address

Paste in your public address to CoinLedger and import your transactions.

Auto-classified transactions

Basic transactions such as wallet transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and fees automatically get classified on import.

Additionally, if CoinLedger already has a pre-built integration with the smart contract or decentralized app that your wallet interacted with—such as OpenSea or PancakeSwap—those transactions will also be automatically classified.

View the list of our pre-built BSC integrations here.

Uncategorized transactions

Note - if you swapped crypto from smart contracts that CoinLedger does not integrate with yet, these transactions will be imported as Uncategorized. You can properly map those transactions from the Transactions page within CoinLedger. Learn more about classifying Uncategorized transactions in this guide.

What happens if I don’t classify Uncategorized transactions?

Uncategorized transactions are treated by default as non-taxable self-wallet transfers.

Uncategorized transactions that are left alone and not further classified will not directly impact your tax report or capital gains.

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