If your Ethereum wallet transacted with a smart contract or decentralized app that we don’t have a native integration with yet, the transaction will be classified as “Unmapped”. This means that the transaction is treated as a non-taxable self-transfer.

Unmapped transactions types include deposits, withdrawals, trades, and NFT Mints from unsupported smart contracts.

If trades and NFT Mints are left unmapped in our software, original purchase information is not assigned to the asset received, which can result in Missing Cost Basis warnings. This guide explains how to classify these types of transactions.

1. Select the wallet you wish to classify from within the Classify step

Navigate to the Classify step and select “Classify More”. Select the wallet you wish to classify from.

2. Filter for all Unmapped transactions

From here you can review all transactions from unsupported smart contracts.

3. Click on each row to drill and mark the transaction type

From this view, you can mark multiple transaction types within the same wallet. First, select the transaction type then click to mark the transaction type.

4. Save all marked transactions

After marking the transaction types select "Save" Then continue to classify transactions in other wallets.

Note - As we add integrations for more smart contracts there will be fewer Unmapped transactions and less manual classification required. We already natively integrate with the biggest smart contracts such as Uniswap and OpenSea. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team to let us know which ones you would like us to add next!

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