Did you mint an NFT directly from the website of a project and not from within OpenSea? If the answer is yes, your NFT Mint transaction may have an “Uncategorized” status within CoinLedger.

Properly classifying your transaction as an NFT Mint will assign a cost basis to your NFT and remove the “Uncategorized” status. Below we explain how to classify these types of transactions.

1. Select the transaction you wish to classify from within the Review step

Navigate to the Review step and select Uncategorized and NFT

Find the Uncategorized transaction that you wish to classify. Then click the three dots select Change classification

2. Select “Mint” as the transaction type

Selecting Mint as your transaction type will assign a cost basis to your NFT equal to the amount of fees you paid to mint it. This will remove any missing cost basis errors you have associated with this NFT asset.

That's it! Now your NFT Mint transaction is properly classified within the system!

Note - As our team continues to integrate with more and more smart contracts, less and less manual classification will be required. We already natively integrate with the biggest smart contracts such as Uniswap and OpenSea. Which smart contracts would you like our team to integrate with next? :)

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