A full Algorand blockchain integration is on the CoinLedger roadmap. At this point, there is not an explicit timeline for when Algorand will be available natively within CoinLedger.

The good news is that you can import your Algorand transactions through our partner Stake.Tax.

From Stake.Tax, you can retrieve your Algorand transactions CSV. This is already formatted so that the file can be imported directly into the CoinLedger "Other Account" field in step 1 of the app.

Simply enter your ALGO wallet address into Stake.Tax, download your CSV file containing your transactions and import them into CoinLedger.

**Note** Stake.Tax is not affiliated with CoinLedger, and CoinLedger is not responsible for the accuracy of this data. Be sure to verify the accuracy of your data when using Stake.Tax or other unaffiliated services.

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