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eToro - File Import Guide

How to import your eToro crypto history into CoinLedger

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Important Update April 15, 2022: We recently released a major upgrade to the eToro importer. We recommend reimporting your eToro files if you have previously imported before this date.

NOTE 1: It is important to upload the file Exactly as received from eToro. Do not open the file and use the "save" or "save as" function on your computer as this can affect the encoding of the file.

NOTE 2: Only Closed Crypto transactions are imported, any open position will not be imported since eToro makes it impossible for us to determine the cost basis for those transactions.

Step 1:

Step 2:

On the left menu, select "Settings".

Step 3:

Select Account

Step 4:

Click on the View button to go to the Account Statement.

Step 5:

Click on the Select Dates and then on the Custom option.

Then, set the Start Date to the date of the creation of your eToro account and set the End Date at the current date. Click on the Create button once the dates are set.

Step 6:

This is the most important step, click "xls", not "pdf" file.

Once you clicked on "xls" your file should be downloaded to your computer.

Step 7:

In the CoinLedger app, navigate to Step 1. Import. Select Add Account and then choose the eToro tab on CoinLedger. Click on Upload File and drag your XLS file into the box to import your transactions.

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