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Binance Convert History - File Import Guide
Binance Convert History - File Import Guide
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If you had Binance Convert transactions from the last 6 months, follow this guide to export the Binance Convert History file.

Note: Due to limitations from Binance this file import method only pulls in Convert trades made in the last 6 months. If you had Convert transactions from before the last 6 months you can add these manually following this guide.

Step 1

Step 2

From the Orders dropdown menu, select Convert History and click on Export


Step 3

Select Past 6 months and click Export

Step 4

You will receive files in .xlsx format.

Navigate to Step 1. Import and open up a Binance import tab. Click on Upload File and drag your XLSX file into the box to import your transactions.

Note: It's important not to open the file before you import it as Excel can cause formatting changes to the file that prevent it from importing

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