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Which tax reports should I take to my tax professional?
Which tax reports should I take to my tax professional?

Learn which tax reports you will need to report capital gains and crypto income

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There are two main categories for reporting crypto taxes - capital gains are reported on the Form 8949 while crypto income (crypto acquired from staking, mining, interest, airdrop, forks, payments) is reported on various other forms. This guide explains different options for sending your complete tax reports to your tax professional.

Form 8949 - Full Report

The Full Report lists each taxable disposal in detail. Depending on your trade volume this could be one page or several pages.

Form 8949 - Consolidated Report

The consolidated Form 8949 is a 2-page PDF file that summarizes your net gains/losses into one line. The consolidated report should be filed along with the CSV attachment.

On the first page Part I summarizes your short-term transactions:

On the second page Part II it summarizes your long-term transactions:

CSV Attachment of Short-Term and Long-Term Gains

The IRS requires that you report each taxable disposal in detail, either on the Form 8949 or on an attached statement. If your accountant chooses to use the consolidated Form 8949, it is a requirement to include the copy of the CSV attachment for short-term and long-term gains.

Short-Term Gains CSV

Long-Term Gains CSV

If you're filing a consolidated Form 8949 it's important to share these additional CSV attachments with your tax professional or attach it to your return if you're filing independently. This is in accordance with IRS 8949 instructions:

Income Report

If you received crypto income (crypto acquired from staking, mining, interest, airdrop rewards, forks, gifts, payments) then you should also download the Income Report. This will give you a file that lists your crypto income distributions in detail.

However, crypto income is not as simple as reporting capital gains on the Form 8949. There are different forms where you need to enter your crypto income, depending on the income type you received. This article outlines different options for reporting crypto income. Your tax professional can confirm the best way to report each income type.

To review separated totals for each income type navigate to Tax Reports stage under Taxable Income.

TurboTax Reports

If you used an e-filing service you may be required to mail the Form 8453 which is a supplementary document for e-filers. This article explains more.

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