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What do I do with my Venmo transactions?
What do I do with my Venmo transactions?

Venmo operates differently than crypto exchanges. Read more here.

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Venmo is a popular payment platform that now allow users to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency. However, unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, Venmo does not allow users to transfer cryptocurrency on or off their platform.

This means that Venmo is able to provide their users with complete tax documentation for all crypto transactions on their platform. To report your crypto taxes from Venmo do not upload your tax forms into CoinLedger.

Venmo Tax Forms

According to Venmo, users can request complete tax documentation to report gains and losses from selling cryptocurrency on platform. Venmo does not a provide a link for directly exporting this tax form on their site, so Venmo users should message in to Venmo customer support in order to get the correct file. Take this tax form to your tax professional or e-filing service.

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