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How can I manage or delete my account data?
How can I manage or delete my account data?

Read here to find out how you can manage or delete your crypto tax data

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This guide explains how to manage or delete your account data, including how to remove a specific crypto account from your profile, how to delete a specific API or file import, and how to delete all transaction data and API keys (also known as a "hard delete") from your account.

If you're looking to delete or ignore an individual transaction, please review this guide.

How can I delete a specific import from my profile?

Use this process to delete a specific import account from your profile that you may have added in error, or that simply needs to be re-imported. Note that deleting the account from your profile will remove all transactions imported from that account.

Step 1

Navigate to the Import stage and click on the three dots menu for the exchange account that you would like to remove. As you can see in the example here, you can import multiple accounts for the same exchange.

Step 2

Click Delete and then when prompted to confirm, select Delete again, and all transactions from that account will be removed from your profile.

Note: Any data that is deleted is unrecoverable-so it's best to confirm that you are deleting the correct account!

How do I delete a specific file or API import?

If you want to delete a specific file or API import from your profile without deleting the entire account, follow the process below.

Hard Delete Process: How can I delete all of my trades and transactions?

A hard delete will permanently erase all of your crypto trades, transactions and API Keys from your account. This information is not recoverable.

Step 1

Head to Settings in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2

Next, click Data Tools.

Step 3

Under the Data Administration tab, click Delete Transactions and Delete API Keys. Keep in mind that this will delete all of the imported data on your account.

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