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How can I customize the tax settings on my report?
How can I customize the tax settings on my report?

Learn how to update your time zone, calculation methods, and home fiat currency on your tax report

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Follow this guide to personalize your account settings and change your home country, fiat currency, and time zone.

NOTE: CoinLedger does not collect or store personally-identifying information in order to calculate your tax reports. An email address is all that is needed to create an account and pay for a report.

How can I customize my country, currency and time zone?

Step 1

Navigate to your Account Settings page by selecting the profile picture in the top right corner.

Step 2

Navigate to Tax Settings. On this page you can choose your country (or leave it Unspecified) as well as select for your Home Fiat Currency, Time Zone, and Report Calculation Method.

Note: If you are from the US but do not wish to specify the country, you can still choose Unspecified. If you select Unspecified your tax reports will be generated based on the US tax year.

Step 3

Customize these settings and press Save in the lower right corner when you've finished.

Important Note About Report Calculation Methods

Changing your report calculation method (FIFO/HIFO/LIFO/ACB, etc.) can make a big impact on your total report calculations. We strongly recommend reviewing your report calculation method options so that you are best informed to choose the costing method that optimizes your tax liability.

Check out our blog here for an in-depth explanation of how each costing method works. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Support Team at any time!

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