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CoinJar - OAuth Import Guide

How to automatically import your transactions by connecting your CoinJar account

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Video Import Guide

Step-by-Step Import Instructions

Step 1:
Click on the Sync Transactions button to go to your CoinJar account.

Step 2:
After clicking the button, it will take you to the CoinJar website where you can sign in to authorize CoinLedger to import your trades.

Step 3:

You may need to enter 2-Step Verification code. This can be over a text message or using an authenticator app.

Step 4:

After completing any other required verification steps and clicking Allow, it will take you back to CoinLedger. To start the trade importer, click on the Sync Transactions button.

Step 5:
After your import completes, you will see a notification telling you how many trades were imported or if your trades are all up to date. You can now move onto importing the rest of your data!

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