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Kraken - Ledgers File Import Guide
Kraken - Ledgers File Import Guide

How to import your Kraken ledgers history into CoinLedger

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Important note: Margin trading from Kraken is not supported for tax reporting by CoinLedger at this time. Margin trading features are currently under development and will be available in the near future.

Note: After generating the Ledgers .zip download on Kraken, you'll need to unzip the file to get the .csv file inside.

Step 1:
​Login To Your Kraken Account. Linked here is the URL for Kraken Pro. The remaining steps shown below are using the "classic" layout on Kraken Pro, which you should be prompted to select when you first login.

Step 2:
Next, click on the History link at the top of the page and then navigate to the Export tab.

​Step 3:
Under Product, select Spot. For the Export Type field select Ledgers, and under Fields click Select All. Finally, for Export Type select CSV.

Set your date range to as wide of a date range as possible to ensure CoinLedger has your full transaction history.

​Step 4:
Select Submit and then download the zip file Kraken provides you. Finally, unzip that file so you have the ledgers.csv that is inside.

​Step 5:
You will have a file in .csv format after extracting the .zip file. Navigate to Step 1. Import. Select Add Account then choose the Kraken tab on CoinLedger. Click on Upload File and drag your CSV file into the box to import your transactions.

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