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Troubleshooting Manual CSV File Import Failures (due to incorrect formatting)
Troubleshooting Manual CSV File Import Failures (due to incorrect formatting)

Learn how to fix data formatting issues in your spreadsheet template

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Spreadsheet data can be finicky.
If you are importing data into CoinLedger through a manual CSV file that you filled out, it's important to make sure all of your formatting, specifically your Timestamp formatting is correct.
This guide outlines several different shortcuts for formatting the manual CSV template within Google Sheets.

Copy and Paste Without Changing Formatting Values

Copy and paste information from one spreadsheet to another without formatting errors using the process outlined above.

1. Make a copy of the CoinLedger pre-formatted CSV template (found within the app/help guides)

2. Copy all of the data from your manual spreadsheet you made

3. Paste in the data from the spreadsheet you made to the new CoinLedger pre-formatted spreadsheet that you made a copy of without bringing over the formatting from the file you made.

(You do this by using the key strokes ["Command" + "Shift" + "v"] or ["Control" + "Shift" + v"] on a PC)

4. Download the Google sheets file as a CSV

5. Import it into CoinLedger

Correct Header Formatting Errors

This video outlines how to troubleshoot incorrect header formatting in our Manual Entry spreadsheets. For every manual import you upload into our software, it is hugely important that you keep the formatting exactly as found in the templates we provide on our Help Center. Any error in the header of your spreadsheet can cause your spreadsheet to fail during the import process.

Remove Incorrect Characters (like T, Z or or +) From Your Timestamps

This video walks through removing incorrect characters or symbols from your timestamps using Google Sheets. If your timestamp is incorrectly formatted, even slightly, a failed import can occur. One of the most common formatting errors that occur with these spreadsheets are the inclusion of incorrect characters or symbols, such as a T, Z, or + in the timestamp column. While these are the most commonly seen incorrect characters causing timestamps to fail in manual entry spreadsheets, the steps above apply to removing any incorrect character, letter or number from your spreadsheets.

Automatically Reformat Your Timestamp

This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily reformat your timestamp into a custom format compatible with our manual entry spreadsheets.

Fix an Incorrect Ticker Symbol

Learn how to easily correct an incorrect ticker/asset symbol in your spreadsheet using Google Sheets' Find and Replace tool.

More Shortcuts for Getting the Correct Format

If you have any further questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at anytime!

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