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Troubleshooting: Import Stage File Import Issues (and what you can do) File Import Issues (and what you can do)
Known file import issues and how you can deal with them
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Updated: 3/22/2021

Unfortunately, some cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide effective records for user tax reporting.

The Transaction History CSV file has the following known issues that can prevent successful data import:

1. Trades grouped by different timestamps

The Transaction history file does not provide Unique Transaction Identifiers that are typically used by crypto exchanges to group trading activity.

This makes it impossible for CoinLedger to import a trade when reports two sides of the same trade at slightly different timestamps.

If you are running into the above error, it's because the trades on your transaction history file are being reported at different times.

What you can do:

1. Click to tweet this message at the Binance support team to bring attention to this glaring issue (most effective).

2. Reach out to the Binance support team here, and request that they add Transaction ID's to their Transaction History file.

3. Add in your Binance spot trades by using this Binance File Import guide

4. Add your other Binance transactions manually using the CoinLedger "Other" Template and Incoming Transactions Template.

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