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Why am I getting a Historical Price Warning?
Why am I getting a Historical Price Warning?

Historical price warnings happen when CoinLedger cannot retrieve the price of your coin.

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Historical price warnings appear when CoinLedger is unable to fetch the historical price of a specific coin.

Why does this happen?

Historical price warnings are not common, but they may appear if:

  • You are trading an obscure, low-volume coin that is not widely available

  • The cryptocurrency was transacted before being listed on exchanges or other platforms

  • You manually entered an incorrect ticker symbol for your coin (ex. BCT instead of BTC)

  • Your coin went through a "rebrand", and it needs to be re-mapped in the system. For example, ETHOS being renamed to BQX. (please contact our support team if your coin needs to be re-mapped)

How can I fix this warning?

You can manually enter a historical price for your coin if you know what the price of the coin was at the time you were trading it. Use a tool like CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap to look up the historical price of the coin for the timestamp of the warning. Feel free to watch the following tutorial that outlines how to do so with CoinMarketCap!

Manually Correcting a Historical Price Warning

To manually edit the historical price of a coin, navigate to the Historical Price Warning tab on the Transactions page and click on the Price Warning detail modal as shown below.

Note: Historical Price Warnings are denoted by red hazard symbols on the Transactions page of our software. Yellow hazard symbols represent Missing Cost Basis Warnings, and are a different type of warning which you can explore here.

Now, within the Price Warning modal, you can manually enter the value of 1 unit of your coin at the particular Timestamp you were trading it.

Go ahead and click Save, and repeat this process for every Historical Price Warning on your account.

CoinLedger will use the value you just manually entered when calculating your gains and losses on these trades. Now, your Historical Price Warnings should be resolved, and your Tax Report will generate.

You should reach out to our Customer Support team if you need assistance retrieving the historical price of your coin. Just use the widget in the bottom right corner to chat with a support representative.

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