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How can I manually import transactions into CoinLedger?
How can I manually import transactions into CoinLedger?

Manually import transactions from an exchange CoinLedger doesn't yet integrate with using the two options outlined in this guide

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CoinLedger offers two options for seamlessly importing transactions from exchanges or crypto platforms that are not currently supported: the Universal Manual Import template and the in-app Add Single Transactions feature. Check out this video and guide below to learn more!

Universal Manual Import Template

This pre-formatted spreadsheet template is perfect for manually entering a large number of transactions into CoinLedger. The Universal Manual Import template can be used to enter buys, sells, crypto-to-crypto trades, and crypto income transactions.

It supports the following transaction types:

  • Trades - Fiat buys, Fiat sells, and Trades (crypto-to-crypto swaps)

  • Income deposits - Interest income, Staking income, Mining income, Airdrops, Hard Forks, and other Income

  • Other transactions - Payments, outgoing & incoming gifts, and crypto losses from theft/scams

To download the template, get step-by-step instructions for how to use it, and frequently asked questions about manually importing transactions, check out this guide.

Add Single-Transactions in-app

If you have just a few simple transactions that you want to import manually into CoinLedger, you can enter those in-app using the Add Single Transaction feature. Visit this guide to learn more.

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