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Fixing Common Report Errors
Fixing Common Report Errors
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Most report errors happen for one of the following reasons:

  1. There are Historical Price Warnings on your account. For some assets, historical pricing data is not readily available - this is especially the case for low-volume coins. In these cases CoinLedger takes the conservative approach. The coin is flagged under the To Review tab in Step 2. Read our Historical Price Warning guide for more information.


  2. Some of your income/trades were forgotten or left out when importing to the CoinLedger service. When this happens, the calculation engine realizes that there was a disposal of cryptocurrency that it has no record of. Make sure you have imported all of your trades/income and create another report. Read our Missing Cost Basis Warning guide for more information.

  3. You have a value of "0" for a buy, sell, or received amount within one of your CSV files. Often times this is a result of a rounding error that occurs when certain exchanges do not export enough decimal points after zero. Read this guide for more information about rounding errors.

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